“The moment I found myself behind a camera I felt like I was home.”

Hanan Lancaster

Hanan Lancaster, a seasoned global producer, is a passionate advocate for diverse storytelling. She recently took the stage in France as a featured speaker on MipTv’s “Joining Forces to Accelerate Diversity & Inclusion” panel. With a focus on unscripted and scripted content, Hanan collaborates on dynamic film projects as well. In 2015, Hanan, alongside her partner Kev Bazz, founded In The Zone Films LLC, driven by their shared commitment to producing captivating content that entertains and empowers all audiences. A proud Howard University alumni and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame MBA program, Hanan combines her extensive business acumen, strategic insights, and boundless creativity to excel in the world of production. Her extensive journey has uniquely equipped her to excel in the global television and film industry.

“I love looking at our standing ovations. Gives me chills.”

Kev Bazz

A global luminary with a proven track record, Kev Bazz is an entrepreneurial force who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. A graduate of Norfolk State University, his journey into Entrepreneurial Studies paved the way for multiple successful business ventures, culminating in the co-founding of In The Zone Films. Kev’s camera is more than a tool; it’s a storyteller that amplifies the voices of the underrepresented. With a commitment to diversity, he’s on a mission to weave the narratives of minorities into the fabric of Hollywood. His unique perspective, especially in projects requiring an African-American point of view, has added authenticity and depth to countless stories. Attending and speaking at industry events such as MIPTV, MIPCOM, Real Screen, NAPTE and NAPE makes Kev a valuable asset to any project he is a part of. A producer and consultant, Kev continues to shape the industry with his creative vision, entrepreneurial acumen, and dedication to inclusivity, making him a true powerhouse in the world of entertainment.

“Being fun and happy while creating a strong foundation for the stories we tell is one of my greatest strengths!”

Rashida Diva

Rashida Diva possesses an uncanny ability to capture the essence of characters both on and off the screen, infusing authenticity and truth into her productions. Trained theatrically at her Alma Mater, Lincoln University, where she earned her BS in Business Administration, Rashida’s passion for the arts and entrepreneurship has been a lifelong pursuit. As a renowned acting coach, she excels in forging deep connections with individuals. A gifted producer and accomplished actor, Rashida boasts an impressive portfolio in film and television. Her relentless commitment is directed towards crafting engaging, resonant content that captivates a worldwide audience.

“Together we will all make a difference, one story at a time. Climb aboard, we want to hear your story.”

Susan Hill

Dedicated to producing films that reflect the diversity of the human spirit and showcase, uplift and empower women, Susan has a passion for real life stories that empower women and assist mankind. Susan is dedicated to sharing uplifting stories that create change. One woman at a time or one relationship at a time. It is time for change, and it begins with self enlightenment and looking at ourselves to do something different.

“There are pieces of myself in all of the stories I create.”

Tanesha N. Towns

Creative Strategist and alumni from the University of Southern California, Tanesha is dedicated to making quality TV shows that assist people to shift and look at their situation from a new perspective. Specifically, sharing new stories that entertain, evoke emotion and excitement.

“Take every opportunity to add value.”

Paula Mack

Artistic and innovative, Paula is an inspiring leader who offers support with various projects as a dedicated and detail oriented team player. Paula uses her own experiences to accent her powerful storytelling, which features women transitioning from victim to victorious.

“Wherever there is extraordinary food I will be there!”

Brendon Tu

A recent college graduate, exploring the vast media landscape, spanning from digital media to traditional media. Passionate about creating viral videos, share worthy content and also an extremely big foodie.